3 Teams Recognized for Person Directed Therapy

CHS Therapy Teams at Ashton Creek Health and Rehabilitation Center, Englewood Health and Rehabilitation Center, and Ossian Health and Rehabilitation Center all completed Person Directed Therapy Statements of Achievement and were recognized as CHS Person Directed Therapy Teams in December . Jeff Clayton, CEO of CHS and Jan Bays, Vice President of Clinical Services presented teams with statements of our CHS Criteria and the 10 Eden Principles suitable for hanging in the department to remind all of the teams’ achievement. These teams join with Heritage Pointe to make our Fort Wayne Region the 1st to be 100% Person Directed Care.

All of these teams have history of individualized treatment. Culture change has enhanced the quality of their relationships and recognition of the importance of meaningful activities incorporated in care.

At Ossian, the therapy won the annual Christmas decorating completion by therapists and patients working side by side to turn the department into a ginger bread house. The transformation happened throughout the month of December as part of therapy treatment. Balance, sequencing, reaching, stooping, planning are just a few of the skills incorporated into the project.

At Englewood, a patient who was facing an extended period of NWB learned that she could continue to be very useful without standing by joining with Activities to man the mobile lending library. She is the Englewood librarian!

At Ashton Creek, not only did a patient have the opportunity to make her favorite macaroni and cheese as part of her IADL training post surgery, but she also was able to teach her therapists how to make the from scratch cheese sauce.

These are examples of Person Directed Care applied to therapy.


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