CHS Announces 2015 Clinical Excellence Campaign

Skilled Therapy Delivered in a Person-Directed Manner: The CHS Expectation. Our 2015 Clinical Excellence Campaign is a focused effort to ensure that this expectation is met by all CHS teams. Our focus is on our 5 Core Programs:

    • Dementia Management
    • Falls & Balance
    • Medical Complexities in Rehabilitation
    • Short Term Rehabilitation
    • Long Term Care

    November 2014 our management team met for an all day workshop in preparation for our campaign. Standards for each program were introduced. Our Rehab Directors and Regional Managers worked with the corporate clinical team to do a baseline assessment of programs at each site and to begin developing a plan to ensure we are meeting the standards.

    In 2015 our corporate clinical team will make Quarterly Clinical Excellence Visits to each site. They will review the team’s Action Plan, assess progress, meet with team to report and to discern support needs, and together adjust Action Plan. Together we will meet the challenge of clinical excellence!